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Before Attending Training - Volunteer Orientation

LCNV is always excited to welcome new volunteers into our community. All volunteers begin by attending a Volunteer Orientation and submitting an application. The orientation provides up-to-date information about the array of inspiring volunteer opportunities at LCNV and tips about working with our learners. If you would like to volunteer and have not attended an orientation, contact to RSVP for one of the upcoming orientations listed on our events page. Former volunteers, returning after a long absence, are also encouraged to attend orientation to learn about our current programs and volunteer openings.

Prospective volunteers interested in working directly with our learners in the capacity of instructor— be it teacher, aide, or tutor— or assessment specialist are required to successfully complete additional specialized training before beginning service. Current volunteers may elect to update their skills by enrolling in training as a refresher course. All wishing to participate should contact to register.

Historically, LCNV has welcomed individuals into its trainings who plan to volunteer with other organizations. Space permitting, such individuals may enroll. Contact to register.

Registrations for all trainings close one week before the scheduled training date.

Registration fee:


LCNV Instructor Training:

LCNV Instructor Training comprises 12 hours of in-person and online instruction. Participants must complete the online exercises and attend the 1-day session in its entirety in order to complete their training. These sessions are held periodically, as determined by our instructor needs.

Student Assessment Specialists:

Student Assessment Specialists determine the placement of students in our programs and evaluate their progress periodically. Training to become a student assessment specialist occurs twice a year, usually in the early fall and spring. Volunteers may choose between Level 1 training, Level 2 training, or both.

Level 1 assessment: Volunteers learn to administer the BEST Plus test, an assessment of speaking and listening comprehension skills. Refresher courses for testers who need to maintain their BEST Plus certification are required every two years. Volunteers must complete:

  • the initial 7 hour BEST Plus Administrator Training, cohosted with VALRC. The interview-style test is developed by the Center for Applied Linguistics.
  • the 2 hour online training called From Intake to Achievement: The Virginia Assessment Policy Training
  • 1.5 hour trainings to learn to administer the accompanying brief reading and writing tests.

Level 2 assessment: Volunteers learn to administer the Bader Reading and Language Inventory and the Slosson Oral Reading Test as well as take a writing sample. Volunteers must complete:

  • the 2 hour training and one or more supervised assessments and write-ups.
Why am I asked to pay a $50 fee?

LCNV trains and supports volunteers to be the English instructors to our students. In doing so, LCNV provides our volunteer instructors with the materials and books they need to effectively work with their student(s), along with many other resources and continued training opportunities. Volunteer LCNV instructors are eligible to take any VALRC class for FREE; have unlimited access to the Literacy Council’s comprehensive Library of over 4,000 titles; may participate in any of the LCNV’s other trainings and volunteer opportunities; and are provided with regular in-service opportunities, hosted by LCNV, our partners, and other experts, where LCNV instructors can further develop their skills and learn more about adult English education in Northern Virginia. The one-time $50 fee our volunteer instructors pay contributes to the costs of all of these trainings and resources that your affiliation with LCNV offers.