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LCNV Resource Library Modernization

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Photo: LCNV Resource Library

Thanks to the Philip L. Graham education grant, LCNV is in the final phase of modernizing its resource library which provides books and educational materials to supplement the texts used by teachers and learners. The $35,000 grant has helped LCNV to technically upgrade the operations, including new computers, creating a database to manage small library collections and technical personnel to perform the installation. 

The old library card-catalogue system has been upgraded to a computer database that provides automatic operations that eliminate human error and increase search functionality. LCNV will now begin work on upgrading outdated materials and increasing the collection of materials in English language, citizenship and workforce skills training for low-literacy learners.

“We received the grant last year and are really excited to finally move to a 21st century system,” says Patti Donnelly, Executive Director, LCNV. “Our librarians needed an automated catalogue system to better manage the circulation process and track usage. This grant has helped us achieve just that: a modern library. We are grateful to the Philip L. Graham Fund for their continued support," adds Patti.

LCNV's Resource Library is a significant asset to the educational programs since the early 1980’s when volunteers started collecting and sharing books.  From that early collection of about 100 titles, the library has grown to 4,300 titles. LCNV Librarian Carol Smith says, "The new system is helping us track circulation history of individual items and also provides us guidance for purchase of new materials.”

Photo: Volunteers at work (from left) Ro, Mary, and Carol.

"The database makes things more searchable. It helps us keep better track of overdue materials and all other library functions by date, providing much clearer information on past activity and current status," says Mary McClelland, LCNV Librarian.   

We have received grants from the Philip L. Graham Fund in the past. One of the grants supported LCNV to redesign and revamp the LCNV website which was launched in July 2012. 

Mearl Colaco