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LCNV hosts Instructor Training for Volunteers

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

LCNV successfully hosted a one-day Instructor Training for volunteers on Saturday, September 24, 2016, at the James Lee Community Center in Falls Church, Virginia. This is the first instructor training of the school year, preparing new volunteers to work directly with LCNV adult learners in the capacity of teacher, aide, or tutor. The training was delivered by Dr. Carole Bausell, Director of Academic and Student Affairs; Xavier Muñoz, Faculty Support Manager; and Lori Baker, Adult Education Consultant. 

LCNV’s highly interactive in-person training introduces volunteers to the concepts, skills, and resources they need to begin working with LCNV adult learners. “As a starting point, we try to give volunteers an awareness of important teaching strategies and an opportunity to try them out with each other. We encourage them to avail themselves of 24/7 online training opportunities that we provide and in-person support with our staff to build on that awareness after they begin working with our learners,” says Dr. Carole Bausell." 

“We started video–recording the Instructor Training, and plan to make such recordings available to our instructors on a password-protected space on our website. These videos will allow LCNV instructors to revisit the training whenever they need to refresh their memories,” says Carole. “They also give us the opportunity to view the training ourselves to improve upon what we do.” 
In all, 34 trainees attended the Instructor Training program on Saturday. "We can't wait to have these volunteers start working with us at LCNV. Volunteers are truly the backbone of our organization and we thank them for their selfless work,” says Carole. 

Reflecting on the many pieces that have to come together to accomplish a successful training, Carole shares, “I would like to thank Xavier and Lori for joining me as trainers and Mearl Colaco, Communications Manager, and Tess Fulton, Volunteer Coordinator, respectively, for videotaping and setting up the day. This is quite an endeavor, and we are fortunate to have such a terrific team.”

LCNV is grateful to the many new volunteers who enthusiastically participated in the training and are now poised to assume rewarding assignments. With this highly relevant training, an LCNV-trained instructor can move seamlessly between roles and in the process offer students more learning opportunities than ever before. 

The next LCNV Instructor Training is scheduled in January 2017, before the start of our spring semester. This training is for any potential new volunteers who have attended an orientation and wish to engage in an instructional role or even current volunteers who want a refresher session. To get involved, contact Tess Fulton at

Trainers, from left, Lori Baker, Adult Education Consultant; Dr. Carole Bausell, Director of Academic and Student Affairs; Xavier Muñoz, Faculty Support Manager.

Mearl Colaco