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LCNV appoints Xavier Munoz as new Faculty Support Manager

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Photo: Faculty Support Manager Xavier Munoz flanked by Director of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Carole Bausell.

Welcome to our new Faculty Support Manager, Xavier Munoz! Xavier succeeds Lindsay Bouie and reports to the Director of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Carole Bausell.

In his new position, Xavier will coordinate much of the content development for the academic program, manage instructor training and professional development, and provide ongoing instructional guidance and support to teachers. "The Faculty Support Manager position at its core is a teacher educator, curriculum developer, and test developer position," says Xavier, adding, "It is an exciting opportunity that involves helping with the initial training and continuing professional development of the instructors, including our volunteer instructors. It is about guiding them through the process and keeping the communication channels open for a dialogue.”

"As an academic institution, the most important thing we have is the quality of our teaching. Recognizing that, we devoted a position at LCNV to the support of our faculty. It is not only important to attract good faculty, but also to create a professional learning community in which they are actively engaged,” says Carole. 

Xavier has a comprehensive adult education skill-set and leadership experience gained through various positions he’s held in Florida and here in Northern Virginia. His motivation and sense of purpose came when he first started tutoring and volunteering in Florida. As many of our readers may know, Xavier is not new to LCNV. Starting in September 2012, Xavier served as an LCNV AmeriCorps member for three years. During that time, he taught English to adult immigrants and refugees in family literacy and beginning-level English Language and Literacy (ELL) classes. Xavier was also heavily involved in developing and teaching LCNV’s pilot Destination Workforce® class. LCNV’s Destination Workforce® program teaches industry-specific language and literacy skills to employees to help them advance in the workplace.

Sharing his past work with LCNV, before he left the organization to pursue his Masters in TESOL - teaching English to speakers of other languages - from SIT Graduate Institute, Xavier says, "I learned so much at LCNV. One of the key reasons I came back to LCNV is to work with the adult learners, volunteers, and with the staff with whom I already have a good relationship. LCNV is an organization that has been around for over 50-years...which started with volunteers and continues to thrive because of volunteers and AmeriCorps members. These relationships really matter to me.”

Xavier brings a very practical and thoughtful approach to anything he does. He says he owes his work ethic and style to the rigorous and transformative learning experience at SIT Graduate Institute, which is committed to social justice and intercultural communication.

Xavier's educational and work experience has all been in the field of adult education. Asking him what drives him to continue in this field, he says, "Adult learners, especially adult immigrant learners, have goals that they want to achieve, and they also have a lot of needs. I believe English is one of those many tools that can help them reach their goals more easily and also will help them participate more fully in the community."

Xavier is thrilled about his new role at LCNV. He says he is inspired to see LCNV's commitment to its values, particularly that of being learner-focused. Xavier is also gung-ho about using technology in trainings. He says he “wants to build trainings and continued professional development opportunities for volunteers in such a way that it is accessible to them regardless of where they are located." 

“LCNV is continually looking at ways to improve, especially around meeting the learners’ needs. Arming learners with good language and literacy skills is the key to helping them forge pathways to the workforce and to community life. Training our volunteers and our teachers is instrumental in this regard," says Carole, adding, "We are excited to have Xavier on our team. Xavier backs up his teaching with a scholarly underpinning. He does a lot of research and brings a contemplative approach to his work. We look forward to his creating a warm, collaborative work environment for our faculty and volunteer instructors." 

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Mearl Colaco