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Voices from the Library

“The LCNV Library has been reborn! As many of you know, long-time librarian Carol Smith passed away in June 2016. At about the same time, a new library database was installed that included a full search/access/circulation capability in Microsoft ACCESS. Between 2015 and 2016 volunteer Sally Eckard worked valiantly to maintain continuity, and another volunteer, I jumped in to help. Since then, the library has been extensively reorganized under the guidance of LCNV Staff Carole Bausell and Xavier Muñoz. New signage and quick reference handouts were written. The circulation process was enhanced with an automated overdue capability. Finally, Carol’s work with a newly discovered, web-based online catalog called ‘TinyCat’ from a service called ‘The Library Thing’ was implemented. This addition allows for the collection of additional circulation information and filterable catalog searching.

One interesting item in the library was an expired subscription to ‘Easy English News’, a monthly paper that has news, a grammar column, letters to the editor, features on history and culture, household tips, a crossword puzzle, and vocabulary lists, and more, written in simple English. We have renewed the subscription and subscribed to the Teacher’s guide. We invite instructors to examine the issues and to see if they can be worked into classroom sessions.” – Librarian Bruce Miller

A huge thank you goes out to Bruce Miller and Sally Eckard for all of their hard work in maintaining and developing LCNV’s library. If you are an instructor who hasn’t visited the library recently, stop by and say hello. You will find lots of inspiration in the variety of educational resources available.