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Staff Spotlight: LCNV's new Student Services Coordinator, Shasha Cui!

LCNV is thrilled to introduce new Student Services Coordinator Shasha Cui! Shasha began serving in her new role on February 16th, 2017.

Shasha brings a strong education background to LCNV, having received her Master's Degree in International and Comparative Education from George Washington University. Before that, she studied English Literature and Interpretation at Nanjing University, located in Nanjing, China. Shasha's interests have always been globally focused, having previously served as a study abroad advisor, and as an English teacher for Chinese students. She speaks Mandarin, English, and even some Japanese! "I love language and other cultures," says Shasha, referencing her decision to obtain her Master's Degree in America. Shasha started learning English in the seventh grade, and was able to improve her speech when she moved to the United States as a graduate student. 

LCNV's new Student Service Coordinator Shasha Cui

As Student Services Coordinator, Shasha provides support to LCNV students and advisors. "If students have questions, I can answer them," she states. Shasha also plays an important role in the tutoring program.  Serving as the contact point for designated and supplemental tutoring gives her the opportunity to interact with LCNV Tutors on a daily basis. “Tutors contact me if they have questions, or need materials,” says Shasha. In addition, Shasha helps to coordinate designated tutoring matches and tracks students’ instructional hours informing timely assessments are conducted to measure their progress. She also visits the different sites where LCNV offers supplemental tutoring to answer tutor’s questions in-person. As with everyone on staff at LCNV, Shasha wears many hats and is always ready to assist her colleagues to further LCNV’s mission and learner successes.

Since many LCNV learners are immigrants with mastery of languages other than English, Shasha understands their unique position.  "My background allows me to support immigrants who are learning English, as I've had the same experience." When asked about her advice to students, Shasha says, "If you're persistent, you'll be successful."

In her free time, Shasha likes going to museums, and visiting Washington, D.C. She also enjoys literature (her favorite book is F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby). Asked about her favorite part of her job, Shasha says "I love my team; they create a very warm environment." 

Author: Chris Griffiths