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Recap: January 28, 2017 Board Retreat

On January 28, 2017, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia held its annual board retreat. This year's topic of discussion was: "Adult Education in the Context of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act of 2014 (WIOA)". The conversation featured a panel of national and local experts, including:

  • Sara Dunnigan, Executive Director, Virginia Board of Workforce Development;
  • Kermit Kaleba, Federal Policy Director, National Skills Coalition;
  • Margie McHugh, Director of the National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy, Migration Policy Institute; and
  • Lori Strumpf, Workforce Consultant, Strumpf Associates.

The full panel discussion is available to watch below. Information on WIOA (Workforce Investment and Opportunities Act) federal and state plans and its provision on adult literacy education is available here.

More information on WIOA: