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Letter from the Director - Winter 2017

As we wrap up the semester's classes, we are truly proud of our learners for their commitment and accomplishments. We also owe much gratitude to our teachers and volunteers for offering so much of their time and talents to us as they inspire students to expect better from themselves and set them on a pathway of increased learning. What delights me most is hearing about friendships made, seeing selfies taken with classmates and teachers, and knowing that we are making a long-lasting impact for people.
I have been welcomed into the LCNV community by staff, teachers, donors, students, and my colleagues at many area nonprofits. I feel lucky to have landed at a place where such a priority is placed on excellence. In order to ensure this excellence, constant progress in developing cutting-edge curriculum is key. We are positioned to play an active role in the statewide movement that encourages job readiness alongside English proficiency, and are incorporating more workforce development skills into all of our classes. From developing even more workforce-focused courses, to encouraging blended learning and technology usage in the classroom, LCNV is determined to continue providing the highest-quality education for our learners.

This commitment to progress has been noted nationally, and I am pleased to share that we have been selected by Parade magazine to represent the state of Virginia as a 2017 Outstanding Charity. Thanks to the hard work of LCNV’s volunteers, donors, staff, and learners, LCNV has been introduced to a readership of 54.1 million. We are thrilled to receive this honor!

I look forward to continuing to get to know our supporters. If we haven’t yet met or communicated, please drop me a line at I would love to get to know you and hear about why you support LCNV.

From all of us at LCNV, we wish you a very happy holiday season.

Best Regards,

Roopal Saran
Executive Director