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Introducing Cell-Ed

Innovation is a cornerstone of LCNV’s foundation, and students are actively encouraged to engage with effective learning methods as new possibilities arise. Cell-Ed, an award-winning mobile skills-development platform, recently came to the attention of LCNV Academic and Student Affairs Director Dr. Carole Bausell who saw that it was being offered through the Los Angeles Public Library and elsewhere in the country as an effective vehicle for learning English outside of class without the need for expensive technology. She and LCNV Faculty Support Manager Xavier Muñoz vetted the program and interviewed users around the country prior to signing on. After a year of piloting this new distance learning technology through our own library with classroom teacher support, Cell-Ed has shown great promise as another tool for English language learners. The process is simple: a Spanish-speaking LCNV student uses their cell phone to begin a 20 hour course over text message. Courses can be completed on a student’s schedule, making extra lessons accessible outside of classroom time.

To enroll, LCNV students call our office, receive a brief orientation and answer a few questions about eligibility, then sign up for the program. Cell-Ed provides LCNV with monthly reports to show student engagement in the program, along with support if students have questions. Furthermore, Cell-Ed offers a bilingual “coach” who assists students with instructions and troubleshooting. The only requirement of the student is access to a text-ready cell phone with unlimited texting and minutes (to prevent charges for excess usage). The student does not need a smart phone with a data plan.

Student feedback has been very positive thus far, with one student stating, “This program is the best from all of the ones that I have looked to learn English. It has been very helpful the short time I studied so far.” Staff response has been positive too; Academic Operations & Student Support Services Manager Melissa Rea says, “Cell-Ed has provided an excellent additional avenue for our students to significantly advance their learning at their own pace.” Students’ newfound ability to practice on their own time truly strengthens LCNV’s learning opportunities. Some students have been using Cell-Ed between semesters, and one student has even completed 707 different Cell-Ed lessons! With 29 students enrolled thus far, we are looking forward to expanding the number of students enrolled during the fall semester. If you are an LCNV learner who is interested in Cell-Ed, or a teacher who would like to introduce Cell-Ed to a student, please contact LCNV Faculty Support Manager Xavier Muñoz who administers the program at

A special thank you goes to the Phillip L. Graham Foundation, whose generous contribution funded the purchase of Cell-Ed licenses through our library, allowing highly motivated LCNV students to access the program free of charge.