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"Hello" from Chris Griffiths, Communications Coordinator

Dear LCNV Volunteers, Learners and Community Members,

My name is Chris Griffiths, and I am the LCNV's new Communications Coordinator. Joining the LCNV staff was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made. From my first day here, I've felt welcomed, challenged and encouraged. Most importantly, I've seen firsthand how seriously each staff member and volunteer takes their role in the learner-focused mission of teaching adult literacy.

My academic background is in English, while my career experience has given me the opportunity to explore the fields of human rights advocacy and education. Previously, I worked on campaigns dealing with corruption and war crimes in the Sudans, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo. I have also worked in the STEM fields, focusing on student outreach. While I've had the opportunity to explore many subjects, the unifying factor in all of my work is that I've seen the many doors that open with education. I'm excited to work to ensure that my local community is as strong as possible, by providing opportunities for everyone to learn English.

In my new position, I'll be reaching out to our volunteers and supporters, updating the press, keeping our social media channels and website stocked with new content and preparing and distributing LCNV newsletters. One of my goals is to continue sharing the stories of our learners and volunteers. Whether you've been teaching with LCNV for years, or you are a new student, don't hesitate to reach out; I'd love to listen.

You'll be hearing and seeing lots more from myself and the LCNV staff in the near future as we keep everyone up to date on the latest LCNV happenings and celebrate the amazing work of our learners, staff and volunteers. I'm looking forward to it!

Best Regards,

Chris Griffiths