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Director's Letter - Summer 2017

This newsletter is a perfect wrap-up of the 2016-2017 academic year, featuring the students, volunteers, and community partners recognized at our Annual Recognition event, and a progress report of LCNV’s new workforce program, Destination Workforce®. It was another productive year, with so many contributing in countless ways to serve LCNV’s mission. Listening to the students read their essays on Learning Gives Me Power brought everything together. The years fly by so fast that it is hard to find the time to stop and assess how much we have accomplished, and reflect on the importance of our work. I know that now because I am looking back over 15 years to see how far we have come.

It is with careful thought, affection, and confidence in LCNV’s future, that I leave my position as Executive Director of The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia this summer. I served LCNV for 15 years and have had the great privilege of contributing to my community and empowering countless new readers, new immigrants, and refugees. I feel that it is now time to allow another individual the same opportunity. LCNV is well positioned for continued growth and creative leadership in the field. It is financially secure and stable. The academic programs are producing positive results and gaining national attention. The LCNV Board of Directors, senior management team, and staff members are talented, highly credentialed, and passionately committed to the mission. I am overwhelmed with gratitude by the Board’s gift in establishing the Patricia M. Donnelly Merit Scholarship because of its committed investment in the success of our adult learners. LCNV’s learner-focused vision will guide its strong and sustainable future.

Thank you so much for your support of my leadership and for taking this journey with me. Thank you for introducing me to the field of adult literacy education and for sharing your expertise. Thank you for supporting the risks we took and the changes we made to serve LCNV’s learners better. Thank you for serving as ambassadors, teachers, tutors, donors, and fund-raisers, demonstrating passion for LCNV’s mission and compassion for our learners. We have all worked together to grow the organization and I have personally grown in the process. It has been an amazing and rewarding experience.

Many, many thanks.


Patti Donnelly
Executive Director