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Celebrating Another Successful Year

The end of the academic year provides an opportunity to reflect and contemplate on LCNV’s successes, improvements, and forward movement. June 30, 2017 marked the end of another great year at LCNV.

LCNV measures its progress through quantitative and qualitative outcomes. From volunteer hours to student attendance, outcomes are a valuable way to understand the organization’s performance and learner successes. We are proud to say that our students made incredible strides this year in their achievements. Some of the highlights are below:

  • 1551 students participated in LCNV programs
  • 218 LCNV students “achieved citizenship skills”
  • 377 LCNV students “increased involvement in community activities”
  • 329 LCNV students “retained employment”
  • 414 LCNV students “improved employability skills”
  • 614 LCNV students “attained consumer skills”
  • 944 LCNV students achieved “personal/intangible” goals (these are custom, personal goals set by the student)
  • 72 percent of regularly attending classroom students improved their BEST Plus 2.0 test scores, an approved assessment by the National Reporting Standards.
  • 88 percent of regularly attending classroom students showed gains on LCNV's evaluative assessment based on workplace or life-skills taught in class.

In addition to these outcomes, LCNV’s Destination Workforce® program and skills-based classes expanded during the year. New partners for Destination Workforce® included BF Saul Hospitality Group and the City of Alexandria. These partnerships provided opportunities for LCNV to provide cutting-edge education for the workforce. With classes fully customized for each partnership, the rapid expansion of Destination Workforce® is truly exciting. LCNV’s goal of providing career-specific literacy education is furthered through these partnerships.

LCNV hosted Beginning English, Skills-Based, and Family Learning Program classes at thirteen different class sites, providing opportunities to learners throughout the region. This was made possible with the support of over 600 volunteers who gave close to 20,000 hours. New last year was LCNV’s skills-based writing class, designed for learners who have advanced beyond our beginning-level English classes and want to focus on developing their skills in writing paragraphs and short essays. This program was offered at the James Lee Community Center, and will continue this year. LCNV also initiated new support services last year in the form of Student Advisors and Supplemental Tutoring, which provides our learners with additional opportunities for extra instruction. LCNV will be expanding these and other resources soon.

LCNV hosted two citizenship ceremonies in partnership with United States Customs and Immigration Services, celebrated our 55th Annual Recognition Event, and witnessed the amazing progress made by our English Language Learners. 12 LCNV students even obtained citizenship! Thanks to LCNV’s supporters and community partners, the 2017 academic year was a resounding success. If you would like to be a part of LCNV’s growth, click here.

The best way to understand the significance of these numbers is in the words of a student. LCNV student Isaias states, “When I speak English I have more opportunities. I can speak with American people…When I started to learn English my world became bigger. It was a great decision.”