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Blended Learning at LCNV

LCNV Instructors Georgette Yamilao and Eric Won have been working together to present their class of adult learners with new learning techniques through technology. This semester, Eric and Georgette brought blended learning (a combination of digital teaching and traditional classroom methods) to their learners at William Ramsay Recreation Center. Starting with an initial plan of teaching vocabulary, Georgette and Eric introduced their class to Google Classroom, a learning management system that offers students and teachers access to assignments and learning materials through the internet.

Georgette, a schoolteacher who has encountered Google Classroom in her work, oversees the project. Initially, some LCNV learners who were not computer savvy were hesitant about using the system. However, Georgette reports that by the third class, learners understood how the system worked and how to use it.

Eric and Georgette’s model for blended learning works like this: Eric leads the class through lessons, utilizing many different traditional classroom techniques, while Georgette supplements the class by providing additional exercises and vocabulary lessons through Google Classroom. Students who choose to use the program engage with these lessons on laptops and Chromebooks, while other students receive handouts and assignments on paper.

The benefits of offering a technology-based option to the class have become clear to Eric and Georgette. Several students do their homework and practice their English online, thereby receiving  lessons in both English and technology. Additionally, students now know how to create and check an email account, use the internet, and access other online English learning resources. With Google Classroom, LCNV’s participating learners can study using whatever technique they find most effective. Lastly, many kids in the local school systems are also using Google Classroom. This presents an added opportunity for our learners with children to enhance the school experience and better understand how their children are being taught.

When asked about future possibilities of blended learning, both Eric and Georgette say they’d love to expand technology usage opportunities in the classroom. LCNV’s staff recognizes the integration of technology in the classroom as an important tool to supplement traditional learning and is equally excited about what has been happening in Eric and Georgette’s class. “We believe that by normalizing the use of technology in our classrooms, we are better preparing learners to participate more fully in so many facets of life, including more advanced educational opportunities and the expectations of the workplace”, said Director of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Carole Bausell. “Bravo to these LCNV teachers and many others who are advancing this important initiative."