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Meet Our Students & Volunteers

Student Stories

Elsa Ortiz, StudentStudent Story, Elsa

Now that I have my citizenship, I am capable and able to become more developed and to help my community.  Being a citizen has opened many doors for me.  I am more confident in myself, and I can do everything and anything I want to.  I am more comfortable, focused, and able to help anyone, no matter what race, color, religion, or issues.  I will become a great speaker and motivate others to become better people, for their own good and daily lives.  That is the purpose of my life and the main reason I study English very hard to one day speak as a “native English speaker.”
*Ms. Ortiz won 2nd Place in LCNV's 2012 Classroom Student Essay Contest

Nasr Youssef, StudentStudent Story, Nasr

I grew up in Egypt in such a hard time. In 1973, I lost my father in the war. Since I was the oldest boy, I had to support my family. Therefore, I started working when I was 18. I went to college in the morning from 8 to 4 pm and then went to work at a construction job until midnight. Then, I had a few hours to sleep. sometimes I would come home and see my mother with tears on her face. When I asked her why she was crying, she said she wished that she could work instead of me so that I could enjoy my life just like everyone else my age.
One of the things that we do back in Egypt on graduation day is we get all together in the school’s backyard, and every graduate gets to say something about his graduation or school journey. When it was my turn, after receiving my Bachelors, I couldn’t say anything. I stayed quiet and cried. I was happy that my tears talked for me and expressed my feelings. I hugged my mother so hard and hugged all my friends. I said “finally I graduated and get to rest a little after a lot of hard work.”
*Mr. Youssef won First Place in LCNV's 2012 BAL Tutoring Student Essay Contest

Volunteer Stories

Karen, Tutor
Amal is reading to her son.  We worked on reading "Are You My Mother," and then she read it to him.  It became her son’s favorite for after naptime.
Jo, Tutor
At our first meeting, Peggy told me I was her "last hope" for being taught to read. She had tutors before who were not successful and her self-esteem was very low. Three years later, she can now read with understanding. Her self-esteem is such that she enrolled in the National External Diploma Program. I don't know if she'll be successful (she has so many problems to overcome) but the fact that she is willing to try shows that she is not the same person I met three years ago.
Maureen, Tutor
I have just returned from my first and most successful meeting with Irma Ventura. Thanks to the good training I received from LCNV, we had a very successful meeting and a good lesson. In fact, she knew quite a few of her letters, can tell time, can converse a bit, and is quite anxious to show her husband that she can learn. I am encouraged by her desire to learn. Desire to learn can overcome many an obstacle.