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About Us


The mission of the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia (LCNV) is to teach adults the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English so they can access employment and educational opportunities and more fully and equitably participate in the community. Learn more about our programs.  


A community empowered by the ability to read, write, speak, and understand English.


Learner-Focus: Keep our learners’ best interests in mind.
Respect: Treat all persons with dignity and embrace and celebrate one another’s differences and cultural backgrounds.
Innovation: Remain at the cutting edge of best practices and implement evidence-based programs that enhance learning.
Excellence: Strive to be the best at what we do.
Collaboration: Recognize that by working together, we can do more to achieve common goals.
Integrity: Be honest and sincere in all interactions.
“I was afraid of making mistakes, [and] mispronouncing words. I was always quiet and would not read any letter and announcement in front of others. Now I have more confidence in reading and spelling names and words, talking to people, and using the computer. Through the help I got from tutoring, I know I can do it. ”
Geraldine, LCNV Student